Why Search Engine Leads Are So Valuable For Lawyers

Most lawyers selling their services online don’t put much value on online leads. But these leads are incredibly valuable for lawyers because they indicate intent to purchase. This is even more true today, as users spend less time on sites and more time on apps. Read more about lead generation for lawyers.

People spend an average of 12 minutes on websites but only 5 seconds on apps. The realities of the modern internet user mean you now live in a mobile-first world. As such, you must understand why search engine leads are so valuable for lawyers and why you should be investing more time and energy into generating them.

Search Engine Leads Are Valuable Because Of Their True Intent To Purchase

The number one reason why leads are so valuable is that they represent true intent to purchase. While someone who clicks on your online ads may be interested in your services, they haven’t decided what they need or how much they’re willing to spend.

This is why marketers often refer to “low-intent leads”. These are people who have some interest in what you have to offer but haven’t taken the time to think it through and decide if it’s what they’re looking for or if it’s within their budget.

With search engine leads, on the other hand, users have already decided what they want and how much they’re willing to spend. This makes them extremely valuable for businesses, particularly for lawyers because the majority of their leads are going to come from organic search. But again, this only applies to search leads, not social media leads.

Consumers Are Using Search To Find Products And Services

As discussed earlier, consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter, and they’re spending less time on websites and more time on apps. As a result, marketers are increasingly turning to paid ads to drive traffic to their sites and drive conversions. This means that organic traffic from search is going to be increasingly scarce, and competition for your target keywords is going to increase.

Because paid advertising on search engines is a numbers game, you have to make sure you’re not just generating traffic but driving conversions. This means understanding how to create ads that convert and why certain types of advertisements work better than others.

Users Trust The Information From Advertisements

One more reason why these leads are so valuable is that users trust the information they find in ads over the information they find in articles or blogs. This means that if you can get your ads to appear at the top of the search engine results page, you’re likely to convert many more leads than if you were to attempt to drive traffic to your website and try to convert them there.